For organizations looking to grow and gain complete insight into their business

Solver enables faster and better decisions using a single, cloud-based solution that automates reporting and planning processes.

Solver, Inc. is redefining the category of cloud-based reporting and planning. The Solver solution is built to enable faster and better business decisions across the entire organization. Solver combines financial and other key data into a single tool, powered by the most flexible report and planning form designer on the market. Organizations use this solution to automate and streamline financial and operational reports, consolidations, and budgeting and forecasting processes. Solver empowers users with complete insight that drives intelligent decisions and competitive advantages. Based in the United States, Solver Inc. has more than a dozen offices and hundreds of partners globally that provide local and industry expertise. To learn more, visit

Faster and better decision-making is the key driver of your organization’s growth and success.

With all your important financial and operational data easily accessible in a single solution, managers can quickly access the information they need to analyze past performances, and make better predictions about future results and opportunities. Solver is a new category of cloud-based reporting and planning solutions. Built for the modern business team, Solver enables better-informed business decisions with greater speed. Put your end users in the driver’s seat with direct and secure self- service access to the information that drives your business. Power up the most flexible report and budget form designer on the market to solve your unique reporting and planning needs, and break free from manual and error-prone Excel processes.

Organizations use Solver to automate financial reporting, consolidation, analysis, budgeting and forecasting processes. Solver empowers users with complete insight that drives intelligent decisions and delivers a competitive advantage.

Product Name Change

Why the change?

The name “BI360,” including product logo, was born in late 2009, when the first version of the product was launched. Since then, the line between Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management tools has become much clearer. In addition, Power BI has started to dominate the “BI” terminology, especially in the Microsoft space. Also, numerous companies have adopted “360” or “365” as part of their company and product names. With two different names and logos for Solver (company) and BI360 (product,) there has been some confusion. Because one of Solver’s key strategic objectives is to make it even easier in implementing, learning, selling, and marketing the solution, we have decided to go to a single name and logo for both company and product: Solver.