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eOne SmartConnect

Integrating data between multiple systems can be overwhelming. SmartConnect provides the toolset you need to meet your complex integration requirements.

SmartConnect has many integration options such as Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 Business Central, and many more. Additionally, you can choose SmartConnect to be delivered on premise or in the cloud.


eOne Extender

Have you ever wanted to create a new field or screen in Dynamics GP? Have you thought that this would take endless lines of code or development to setup? This is where eOne Extender comes in.

eOne Extender give you the ability to create custom fields and screens within Dynamics GP – no code needed! You can create many different field types such as checkboxes, currency fields, drop down lists, dates, lookups and more.

Once the screens are built, you can connect your new screens together, add them to Dynamics GP menus, and add your new fields to into SmartLists.


eOne SmartList Builder

The eOne SmartList Builder is the original tool that allows you to create brand new SmartLists or modify existing SmartLists. SmartLists allow you link data between Dynamics GP tables, Third Party (ISV) table, and any SQL tables, views, or scripts.

What’s more, SmartList Builder comes with Excel Report Builder, Drill Down Builder, and Navigation List Builder.

Excel Report Builder gives you the means to create live, refreshable Excel reports from your Dynamics GP data, and then provide the reports to anyone in your organization – without buying new Dynamics GP licenses.

Drill Down Builder provides the capability to drill from your Excel report back into Dynamics GP to the exact record. You can drill down into any screen or SmartList within Dynamics GP.

Navigation List Builder allows you to put your SmartLists onto the Navigation List user interface. This improves the efficiency of the Navigation Lists and gives the users a place to do ALL their Dynamics GP work in one place.


eOne SmartView

If you enjoy using SmartLists, then SmartView makes SmartLists better! SmartView makes those carefully crafted SmartLists available to everyone in your organization. You can configure security to ensure the right people have access to the right data.

SmartView is fast! Where SmartLists would take about 2.5 minutes to return 4,259 rows, SmartView returns the same data in about 7 seconds. There are many more features such as copy and paste straight from SmartView to Excel, Word, or an Email; export your lists to PDF, Excel, or CSV; search across all your data and create favorites.


If you would like to check out eOne’s solutions, visit https://www.eonesolutions.com.