The Marketing Cloud for Microsoft Dynamics™

Marketers today operate in a world where the abundance of marketing solutions available to them is overwhelming, the tools they need to succeed are either too expensive or too complex, and the skillsets required to do it all and do it right are rarely found in a single marketing team. The ClickDimensions marketing platform, natively built within Microsoft Dynamics, solves those challenges by offering a single unified marketing, analytics and services platform that allows you to leverage these tools to their full potential while driving continual improvement in your marketing results.

The Only Unified Marketing, Analytics and Services Platform in the Market

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ClickDimensions combines the world’s leading marketing automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics with a powerful, integrated social marketing platform and robust third-party integrations, helping marketers drive growth by engaging existing customers and attracting new ones. ClickDimensions marketing analytics offers a complete, enterprise-grade marketing intelligence suite to measure, unify and analyze marketing, sales and customer data to effectively optimize revenue performance. ClickDimensions marketing services provides comprehensive marketing services, customer success and product support with domain expertise in both marketing and Microsoft Dynamics to effectively leverage marketing technology and to analyze and optimize performance to deliver better results.


What You Can Achieve with the ClickDimensions Marketing Platform

Acquire new customers
Powerful inbound marketing functionality allows you to use web forms, surveys, landing pages, events and more to drive new leads for your business.

Engage with and sell more to existing customers
Manage sophisticated multichannel campaigns that target leads and existing customers across email, social and the web to drive higher engagement.

Align sales and marketing with integrated technologies
Close the divide between sales and marketing with technology that provides a unified view of activity and performance in the CRM environment your sales team already uses.

Measure marketing’s true business impact
Move beyond opens, clicks and likes to measure the true impact your marketing programs have on sales pipeline and revenue.

Maximize your marketing technology investment
Push your marketing technology to the limits and drive continual improvement in marketing outcomes with onboarding, customer success, support and managed services designed to unleash the full potential of the marketing tools you have invested in.

What Makes the ClickDimensions Marketing Platform Unique

What Makes the ClickDimensions Marketing Platform Unique